Some of our offered services

Surge Protector (TVSS)

surge suppressor
whole home protection

They help reduce costly downtime and protect sensitive electronic equipment against the damaging effects of transients caused by lightning, utility switching, internal load switching and more. 

Arc Fault Protection

Arc fault protection

Designed to recognize a dangerous arc in your wiring and immediately break the flow of electricity, thus preventing your electrical system from becoming an ignition source for a fire.

Breaker Panel

new panel
replace fuse box
breaker panel

Fuse panels are often found in older homes, and tend to be partnered with dated wiring, insulation and services. Switching from a fuse box to circuit breakers may provide a more reliable electrical system.


Kitchen renovation
pot lights
under cabinet lights
OTR microwave

Your home should be a place of sanctuary for you and your family. Does yours feel like that to you? Sometimes you buy someone else’s problems. An older home you purchased may not be your style or taste.

New Construction


There is perhaps nothing as thrilling as building your own home. There is something fantastic about seeing your vision for your home come to life in front of you.

Commercial Service

Store service
Farm service
Electrical repair
600 volt
shop service

The reliability of your business and your facility's operations hinge on your ability to have safe and reliable electrical power. Even small electrical failures or disturbances could cause devastating consequences.